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12 BARYLO Vintage Towels

12 BARYLO Vintage Towels

  • $ 1899

BARYLO Blue Center Stripe
Extra Premium Quality Commercial Towels

Material:           100% Cotton
Weight:              28oz per dozen
Thread:              2-Ply yarn
Weave:               Herringbone
Absorbency:     Commercial Grade

Quantity:           12 Units per package
Size:                  15 x 26 inches*
Hanging Loop:  Yes

More Info: 

These towels are our softest Herringbone towel yet, are both decorative and high-performing, with commercial-quality fabric, sewn edges on all four sides and a hanging loop. The towels are made to our exacting specifications, and come in a package of 12 towels, perfect for cooking and entertaining. 

Commercial Grade
• Commercial towels are thin and light, highly absorbent, fast drying, and produce minimal lint.
• Bleach safe.
• 28 oz/dz weave. Heavier than economy 20 oz/dz or regular 24 oz/dz towels.
• Sewn edges on all four sides.

Home Quality Dish Towels 
• These towels are our premium quality commercial herringbone towels, modified specifically for the home user.
• 2-ply cotton yarn make these towels softer than typical commercial towels.
• These towels are approximately one inch longer than typical restaurant kitchen towels to make them more convenient for the home user.

Liliane Collection Quality at Wholesale Pricing 
• Flexible quantities - order in multiples of 12 towels.
• Contact us for special pricing on larger wholesale orders or special packaging/private label. 


The Green Alternative to Paper Towels 
• Save money: Buy fewer paper towels. 
• Save the environment: Produce less waste. 

Perfect Size for All Types of Kitchen Duties 
• Dry silverware, dishes and stemware fast and easily. 
• Dry fruit and produce. 
• Cover bread dough, freshly baked bread, and cold meat cuts. 
• Can be used as placemats and BBQ or lobster napkins.

Multiple Other Uses 
• Great towel for home bars. 
• Hand towel for workshop, garage and car. 
• Ideal gym/workout towel. Keep a few in your gym bag. 
• Great for shaving, drying razors and cleaning the counter/sink. 
• Clean windows, mirrors and computer screens.  

Join our Growing List of Customers: 
• Food Service: Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, caterers, 
• Institutions/Public Services: Hospitals, schools, houses of worship, fire stations. 
• Hotels/Resorts

Washing and Care Instructions 
• Wash towels before first use.  Towels will become softer, thicker and more absorbent after washing. 
• Wash towels in cold or hot water.
• Bleach safe. 
• Do not use fabric softener.
• Dry towels in low heat/delicate cycle to minimize shrinkage.
• May be ironed in high heat. 

(*) These towels are known as 16"x28" in industry-defined cut size prior to processing, including fine cutting and hemming. After hemming, these towels average approximately 14"-15" in width and 25"-27" in length.

100% Money-Back Guarantee 
If you do not love these towels as much as we do, simply return them for a full 100% refund

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