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* Restaurant Collection

Premia Collection: Redefining The Workhorse Towel

Our company was founded to provide restaurants, hotels and other large businesses with the best-quality linen products. Our Premia restaurant kitchen towels are used in many busy commercial kitchens as well as napkins in many restaurants. The Premia line of kitchen towels meet the strict requirements of our commercial customers, including:

  • Absorbency: Our towels are woven with a herringbone pattern to maximize absorbency-per-weight ratio
  • Convenience: These towels 14"x25" size make them perfect for busy kitchens as the towels can conveniently hang from an apron or arm. These thin towels dry quickly, which allows them to be used over and over.
  • Lintless Cotton: 100% cotton towels dry dishes without leaving lint and leave no spots when drying glasses
  • Bleach-safe: Towels are bleach-safe to meet restaurants' strict hygiene standards.
  • Quality: Unlike cheaper alternatives, our towels come hemmed on all four sides, they are inspected before packaging and are shipped in heat-sealed bags to protect them during shipping.