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Liliane Collection: Where form meets function

Unlike many sellers who simply repackage commercial towels for home use, we have re-imagined commercial towels for home use. Our towels have all the benefits of commercial towels plus necessary improvements designed specifically for the home chef.

  • Softer: We use a 2-ply cotton yarn that results in a softer finish and a thicker, more detailed herringbone texture.
  • Heavier: Unlike restaurant towels that usually come in standard 20 and 24 ounce weights, our home towels weigh 27 ounces per dozen
  • Larger: Our towels measure 27 inches in length
  • Higher Quality: Unlike cheaper alternatives, our towels come hemmed on all four sides, they are inspected before packaging and are shipped in heat-sealed bags that minimize risk of contamination during shipping.
  • Colorful: We developed new bleach-safe color alternatives, such as yellow, pink and tan to match your kitchen.