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Blue Stripe Towels

Exceptional Absorption, fit for a Top Chef's kitchen

Which one to pick?

  • Liliane Collection towels are larger (27" length), softer (2-ply Cotton) and bring an extra towel in the pack, to make a baker's dozen.
  • Premia Towels have the traditional size and ply count used in countless restaurant kitchens.

All towels, both Liliane Collection and Premia are better than our competitors' standard restaurant towels, since they are made of a heavier material, weighing 27 ounces per dozen, rather than the industry practice of 20 to 24 ounces per dozen.  
What does this mean for you?  12% heavier = 12% more absorbent.

More Choices

We have a complete line of kitchen towels, including larger 20 x 30 inches herringbone towels, terry bar mops, glass towels, flour sack, etc. You can see the complete line at our amazon site (