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BARYLO Collection

A Whole New Level in Herringbone Towels

Specifically designed for the modern kitchen, our towels are made with the softest cotton, are hemmed on all four sides for durability, and have a hanging loop. Unlike many competing towels made in China, Pakistan or Bangladesh, Barylo towels are made in India to our exact specifications to ensure quality and consistency.

Our BARYLO vintage towels are similar to the towels used in many a grandma's kitchen and in the kitchens of thousands of four and five star restaurants across the nation.

  • High Absorbency: 100% cotton towels are highly absorbent, fast drying and produce minimal lint.
  • Heavier: Unlike restaurant towels that usually come in standard 20 and 24 ounce weights, our BARYLO towels weigh 28 ounces per dozen.
  • Larger: Our towels measure 26 inches in length.
  • Higher Quality: Unlike cheaper alternatives, our towels come hemmed on all four sides, they are inspected before packaging and are shipped in heat-sealed bags that minimize risk of contamination during shipping.
  • Bleach-safe